Performance Analysis of Computer Systems Lab

Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University

Location: Room 336, New CS Building. Lab PI: Anshul Gandhi  (anshul (at) cs.stonybrook.edu).

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Welcome to the PACE Lab at Stony Brook University! Check out the gallery to see what we are up to.

Our research group is broadly interested in performance analysis and modeling of computer systems.
Our current research focuses on performance issues, such as interference and resource management, in cloud computing.
Check out our publications to learn more about our work.

Our research is supported by grants from NSF, Google, IBM, Azure, and AWS.


January 2018: NSF funds our cloud computing performance management work via the NSF Career Award!
November 2017: Our work on cloud autoscaling (with IBM Research) will appear in IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing.
November 2017: Deepthi and Sharath are awarded student travel grants to attend Middleware 2017. Congrats!
October 2017: Two posters from PACE Lab will be presented at Middleware 2017. Congrats Ahmad, Vaishali, Piyush, Rasmhmi, Mitesh, and Ubaid, Wajahat, Deepthi, Sharath.
October 2017: Wajahat's MLscale work will appear in the Sustainable Computing journal. Congrats Wajahat!
August 2017: Amogha is awarded a student travel grant to attend SoCC '17. Congrats Amogha!
August 2017: Wajahat's memcache benchmarking work is accepted to IGSC 2017. Congrats Wajahat, Abhinav, and Salman!
July 2017: NSF funds our prediction error modeling work. Thanks NSF!
June 2017: Yi is awarded a student grant to attend SIGCOMM '17. Congrats Yi!
June 2017: Yi's network throughput modeling work is accepted as a poster at SIGCOMM 2017. Congrats Yi!
June 2017: Wajahat is awarded a student grant to attend USENIX ATC '17. Congrats Wajahat!
June 2017: The interference modeling work led by Scott is accepted to MASCOTS 2017. Congrats Scott and Ahmad!
June 2017: NSF funds our sustainable computing infrastructure work, led by Rutgers. Thanks NSF!
May 2017: Yi is awarded a student travel grant to attend Sigmertics '17. Congrats Yi!
April 2017: Ahmad's interference-aware load balancing work is accepted to ICAC 2017. Congrats Ahmad!
January 2017: Yi's work on modeling mobile web energy is accepted to Sigmetrics 2017. Congrats Yi!
September 2016: Microsoft Azure funds our cloud autoscaling work. Thanks Azure!
September 2016: NSF funds our heterogeneity-aware load balancing work. Thanks NSF!
August 2016: Ahmad's work on interference-aware load balancing is accepted as a poster to SOCC 2016. Congrats Ahmad!
July 2016: Wajahat's work on ML-based autoscaling is accepted to IGSC 2016. Congrats Wajahat!
June 2016: Shachee is awarded a GHC Scholarship to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Congrats!
May 2016: Ahmad is awarded a student grant to attend USENIX ATC '16. Congrats Ahmad!
May 2016: NSF funds our elastic memory caching tiers work. Thanks NSF!
May 2016: Wajahat will intern at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center again this summer.
April 2016: Yi presents our mobile performance modeling work at the AT&T Research Academic Summit.
February 2016: One paper and one poster accepted at Sigmetrics 2016. Congrats to Yi and Javad for the poster!
February 2016: Google funds our mobile performance modeling work. Thanks Google!
December 2015: Two papers accepted at IC2E 2016. Congrats to Ahmad, Bharath, Sagar, and Sidhartha!
July 2015: One paper accepted at ICCAC 2015. Congrats to Harsha!
May 2015: One paper accepted at MASCOTS 2015. Congrats to Xi and Naman!
May 2015: One poster accepted at ICAC 2015. Congrats Sidhartha!
April 2015: One paper and one poster accepted at the Distributed Cloud Computing workshop at Sigmetrics 2015. Congrats to Justin, Naman, and Xi!
March 2015: IBM funds our cloud autoscaling work. Thanks IBM!
March 2015: NSF funds our cloud performance modeling work. Thanks NSF!


End-of-semester group lunch, January 2018 (Raan Thai)
Closing remarks at Middleware 2017 (Las Vegas, NV)
Wajahat and Sharath presenting their Middleware '17 poster (UNLV)
Ahmad presenting his Middleware '17 poster (UNLV)
Wajahat, Deepthi, and Sharath ready to present their Middleware '17 poster (UNLV)
PACE Lab and friends @ Sigmetrics '17 (UIUC)
Yi presenting our RECON work @ Sigmetrics '17 (UIUC)
End-of-semester group dinner, May 2017 (Setauket Pita House)
Ahmad presenting our DIAL work @ ICAC '17 (Columbus, OH)
End-of-semester group lunch, December 2016 (Cheesecake Factory)
Lab group photo, April 2016 (SBU)

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