Performance Analysis of Computer Systems Lab

Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University

Location: Room 336, New CS Building. Lab PI: Anshul Gandhi  (anshul (at) cs.stonybrook.edu).

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Welcome to the PACE Lab at Stony Brook University! Check out the gallery to see what we are up to.

Our research group is broadly interested in performance analysis and modeling of computer systems.
Our current research focuses on performance issues, such as interference and resource management, in cloud computing.
Check out our publications to learn more about our work.

Our research is supported by grants from NSF, Google, IBM, Azure, and AWS.


July 2019: Yi's works on TCP modeling and BBR empirical analysis are accepted to IMC 2019. Congrats, Yi!
July 2019: Wajahat's storage trace analysis work is accepted to MASCOTS 2019. Congrats, Wajahat!
July 2019: Scott's work on Markovian analysis of interference-prone cloud VMs is accepted to MASCOTS 2019. Congrats, Scott and Amogha!
July 2019: Ahmad successfully defended his thesis! Dr. Javadi is PACE Lab's first Ph.D. graduate, congrats, Ahmad!
June 2019: Gagan's work on truncating Markov chains with probability guarantees is accepted to MAMA 2019. Congrats, Gagan!
May 2019: Anshul receives the 2019 Sigmetrics Rising Star Award!
April 2019: AWS awards us credits for our serverless project as part of the AWS Cloud Credits for Research program. Thanks, AWS!
April 2019: Our collaborative work with IBM on leveraging GPUs to accelerate data analytics applications is accepted at ICAC 2019!
January 2019: Amogha's work on variability reduction is accepted (as full paper with oral presentation) at WWW 2019. Congrats, Amogha!
January 2019: Our work on load balancing is accepted at SOSR 2019; a preliminary version appeared as a poster at NSDI 2019. Congrats, Vasu!
November 2018: The SBU
OVPR funds our work on building analytical models for modern storage systems. Thanks, SBU!
September 2018: Ahmad is awarded a student travel grant to attend SOCC 2018. Congrats, Ahmad!
September 2018: Our work on improving cloud resource usage will appear as a poster at SOCC 2018. Congrats, Ahmad and Wajahat!
July 2018: Our ElMem work won the Best Student Paper Award at ICDCS 2018! Congratulations, Ubaid and Wajahat!!
June 2018: Wajahat's collaborative work with AT&T will appear as a short paper at MASCOTS 2018. Congrats Wajahat!
June 2018: Ubaid is awarded a student travel grant to attend ICDCS 2018. Congrats, Ubaid!
April 2018: Ahmad's Pinot assignment strategy work will appear as a short paper at ICDCS 2018. Congrats Ahmad, Harsh, Robin, and Shweta!
March 2018: Ubaid and Wajahat's Memcached scaling work is accepted to ICDCS 2018. Congrats guys!
January 2018: NSF funds our cloud computing performance management work via the NSF Career Award!


Celebrating Ahmad's Ph.D. graduation!
July 2019 (Istanbul Cafe, Long Island)

Congratulations to Dr. Javadi!
July 2019 (Stony Brook University)

Giving the Sigmetrics 2019 Rising Star Award talk
June 2019 (Phoenix, AZ)

Receiving the Sigmetrics 2019 Rising Star Award
June 2019 (Phoenix, AZ)

Hooding PACE Lab's first graduating Ph.D., Ahmad!
May 2019 (Stony Brook University)

Amogha presenting his work at WWW 2019
May 2019 (San Francisco, CA)

End-of-semester group lunch
March 2019, a bit delayed (Del Fuego, Long Island)

Receving the ICDCS '18 Best Student Paper Award
July 2018 (Vienna, Austria)

Ubaid presenting the ICDCS '18 Best Student Paper
July 2018 (Vienna, Austria)

End-of-semester group lunch
January 2018 (Raan Thai, Long Island)

Closing remarks @ Middleware '17
December 2017 (UNLV, Las Vegas)

Wajahat & Sharath with their Middleware '17 poster
December 2017 (UNLV, Las Vegas)

Ahmad presenting his Middleware '17 poster
December 2017 (UNLV, Las Vegas)

Wajahat, Deepthi, Sharath, and their MW '17 poster
December 2017 (UNLV, Las Vegas)

Ahmad presenting our DIAL work @ ICAC '17
July 2017 (Columbus, OH)

PACE Lab and friends @ Sigmetrics '17
June 2017 (UIUC)

Yi presenting our RECON work @ Sigmetrics '17
June 2017 (UIUC)

End-of-semester group dinner
May 2017 (Setauket Pita House, Long Island)

End-of-semester group lunch
December 2016 (Cheesecake Factory, Long Island)

Lab group photo
April 2016 (SBU, Long Island)