Performance Analysis of Computer Systems Lab

Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University

Location: Room 336, New CS Building. Lab PI: Anshul Gandhi  (anshul (at) cs.stonybrook.edu).

Autoscaling cloud-deployed applications
(August 2014 - March 2017)

Applications with a dynamic workload demand need access to a flexible infrastructure to meet performance guarantees and minimize resource costs. While cloud computing provides the elasticity to scale the infrastructure on demand, cloud service providers lack control and visibility of user space applications, making it difficult to accurately scale the infrastructure. Thus, the burden of scaling falls on the user. That is, the user must determine when to trigger scaling and how much to scale.

The goal of this project is to develop autoscaling solutions for cloud-deployed applications. Such solutions will lower resource rental costs for the users without compromising on performance. From the cloud service provider's perspective, such solutions will improve utilization and energy efficiency.





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