Performance Analysis of Computer Systems Lab

Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University

Location: Room 336, New CS Building. Lab PI: Anshul Gandhi  (anshul (at) cs.stonybrook.edu).

Analyzing power consumption and performance in mobile systems
(June 2015 - June 2017)

Mobile Web page performance is extremely critical to content providers, service providers, and users. Slow Web pages are known to adversely affect profits and lead to user abandonment. Not surprisingly, several optimizations have been proposed to improve mobile Web performance.

However, an important problem that is often overlooked is the energy consumption of Web page loads. Mobile devices are severely constrained by energy; in fact browser vendors tout their effect on battery life as a critical selling point. Web optimizations that improve Web performance may not have the same effect on energy consumption since energy and performance are separate metrics. Not knowing how a Web optimization affects energy consumption can have severe consequences.

This project aims to investigate novel methodologies to quickly and accurately predict the impact of Web optimizations on page load performance and enery consumption.





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